02 Ridden by Darkness– Christine Michelle

I screwed around for years, drifted for a few too many, and then I found a home with the Dark Leopards Motorcycle Club. No, we’re not all leopard shifters, but we do all have one thing in common. We don’t fit anywhere else, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
The pull to find a mate was never in my blood like it was for so many of my kind. Not until recently, anyway. Each woman who caught my eye also lost my interest just as quickly. That was until I saw her. Lying face down in the alley, her sweet coppery blood tinged the very air I breathed. I felt the pull and did what was necessary to ensure she survived.
Keeping her safe from the men who attempted to steal her pelt meant she had to be claimed.

I knew my legacy and the dangers that lie in wait as a result. Still, I attempted a normal life. I tried to keep who I really was hidden so deep down that no one would ever notice me. Unfortunately for me, someone did notice. They forced my hand, my change, my fate. As it turned out, my fate wasn’t so damn bad after all. Not once Grayson Brewer stepped in to save my life and make me his.


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