04 Knox’s Jewel- Darlene Tallman

Knox Montague is the President of the West Michigan chapter of the Dark Leopards Motorcycle Club. Tasked with increasing the pipelines that the club has throughout the United States, he oversees a group of shifter brothers that range from owls to otters, as well as his own leopard brethren. Despite the challenges they’re facing trying to find a group of missing women, the quest becomes personal when he touches something that belongs to a woman he’s never met and realizes that the one thing he never thought he’d find may be gone before he can find her – his mate.

Jayda Dyche has been on her own for many years, having left her pride to escape the taunts and bullying she’s endured her whole life. Out one night with friends, she finds herself waking the following day trapped in a hellish nightmare. When her leopard tells her that they were kidnapped for her pelt, she realizes that she may leave this earth without ever knowing what it’s like to have someone love her.

Can Knox find Jayda in time? Or will he forever be alone?


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