04 Lethal Opponent- C.G. Lee

He keeps his animal at bay, but the louder his mate calls to him, the harder it becomes to contain his Panther. Her cries for help are endless and he hears her now when he is awake. She needs him and he won’t stop until she’s his.

Maximus “Max”
She likes to wander through the wooded parts behind her home after it snows. Tucked away in the deepest part of the mountains, she thinks no one knows she exists, until a hunter sees her. Believing she has abilities unlike any human he has ever seen, he captures her and taunts her relentlessly so she will phase.

Lethal Opponent
With the Dark Leopards MC at his back, Salvation sets out to find the woman who haunts his dreams and drives his heart, devoted to killing anyone who gets in his way.


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