05 The B Team– Christine Michelle

It wasn’t normal to feel the way we did. So said most of our kind, anyway. We hid out true feelings, looking to the rest of the world like best friends, club brothers, and unofficial, oddball packmates. In secret, we loved one another. There wasn’t room for anyone else. Not until she came into our lives.

Screw our society and their stupid rules. So, neither of us wanted to find the female mate that was just ours. Sure, my kind weren’t exactly plentiful any longer and I should be doing my part to propagate the species, but B was just too shiny a gem for me to pass up in the beginning. Before I knew it, he became my most precious treasure. Then she came along and swept us both away.

I happened upon them by accident. My boys. My soulmates. I may have been truly fated for one, but I couldn’t deny the pull of both. In our world, a triad could never happen. It’s a good thing, none of us cared what they thought. We were the B-Team.


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