09 Healing His Darkness- Screaming Mimi

My name is Rooster

I’m the Vice President for The Dark Leopards MC East Texas Chapter. I’ve watched my fellow brothers find their mates over the last year, and frankly it’s making me sick.

There is no such thing as fated mates, it’s all an illusion, and soon they’ll find out for themselves. In the meantime I need to get away from all the lovey dovey crap before I do something I might regret. What I wasn’t expecting, what I wasn’t prepared for was Georgia May Crenshaw.

Georgia “George” May Crenshaw, is a human who’s been raised by a family of gorilla shifters. She knows exactly what Rooster is to her, even if he refuses to admit it. Determined to get him to admit it, she’ll do anything, no matter the cost. Even at the cost of her humanity.

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